Exquisite Sphynx Kittens and Elf Cats for Pet and Show Now Available

 Here are some pictures of our previous kittens that are now in their forever homes, and some photos of gang here.


                                             Above: "Linus"

                                   Above: "Leo and Linus"

                                       Above: "Blue Lace"

                                      Above: "Blue Dude"

                                   Above: "Confetti"

                                    Above: "Nod"

                                 Above: "Allie and Misty"

                               Above: "Nikki w/ kittens (Tye Dye in front)"

                               Above: "The Twins- Allie and Misty"

                                                 Above" Misty"

                                          Above "Blue Patches"

                                   Above: "Lil Eva"


                                        Above: "Leo"

Above: "Leo"

Above: "Blue Suede"

Above "Smudge"

Above: "Blue Dude"

Above: "Blue Dude" and Versace

Above: Blue Patches, Blue Berry and Mom Nakita

Above: CH Noah

Above: Blue Eyes

Above: CH Bugalatte

Above: Nod

Above: In loving memory of "Miracle" who blessed us with her life for just 2 weeks- she tried so very hard.....

Above: "Don't you dare change the channel!!"

Above: Confetti as a wee thing

Above: Fudge

Above: DGCH Tye Dye as a young-un

Above: Flash taking it easy (as usual!)

Above: Midnight

Above: Blue Berry

                                           Above: "Leo"

                                  Above: "Leo


                                      Above: "Blue Patches

                                    Above: "Valentino

                       Above: "Bed O' Cats :)" (Misty, Allie, Blue Dude, and Fudge)

                   Above:Nikki "Thanks for the leftovers" (no, she did not eat ti all :) 

                                  Above: "Loving Boys"

                                  Above: "Rainy"