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                                                       DOUBLE GRAND CHAMPION Baldfantasea Origami Tye Dye



Meet our beautiful lady, "DGCH Baldfantasea Tye Dye Origami"

Tye Dye won her Championship at the tender age of 8 months- she was barely able old enough to enter the show as an adult. She won 4 finals, including a coveted BEST IN SHOW, defeating all the cats in the show!!


Congratulations to Tye Dye who is now a TICA Double Grand Champion!!! She now has 10 finals.  Thanks to all the judges who agree that she is a VERY special lady:

5th Best Shorthair- Phillipa Holmes

7th Best Shorthair- Robin Higgins

7th Best Allbreed- Elaine Hawksworth-Weitz

7th Best Shorthair- Phillipa Holmes

8th Best Shorthair- Ed Manning

8th Best Allbreed- Richard Bailey

10th Best Shorthair- Barbara Kissinger