Exquisite Sphynx Kittens and Elf Cats for Pet and Show Now Available

Double Grand Champion Nakita of Baldfantasea aka "Fluffy"

Nakita earned her Championship, Grand Championship, and her Double Grand Championship with limited showing. She was recently awarded the International title of TICA 2nd Best Color for the Sphynx breed. She is a blue tortie/white. Among her ribbons her has won several finals to include: 2-2nd Place Best Cat in Show , 1- 4th Place Best Cat in Show, 1- 6th Place Best Cat in Show, 1- 8th Place Best Cat in Show, 2-9th Best Cat in Show, and 2- 10th Place Best Cat in Show awards. We are very proud of her achievements. Since "Fluffy" is not s show cat at heart, we have retired her early to be our cuddle bug at home.  She has since produced some gorgeous kittens for us.

News Flash!!! Fluffy was named 29th Best Sphynx for 2007!!! You go girl!



Photos by Preston Smith