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                                                                    Champion Soleil of Baldfantasea     aka "Izzy"

Ch Soleil aka "IZZY"  is a doll baby! She is a blue tortie/white. We showed her as a kitten and she did extremely well. Among her ribbons she has one coveted "Best in Show" kitten!! She also won 2- 2nd Best Kitten in Show, 1- 3rd Best Kitten in Show, 1- 4th Best Kitten in show, 2- 5th Best Kitten in Show, 1-7th Best Kitten in Show, 2- 9th Best Kitten in Show, and 4- 10th Best Kitten in Show awards. She is a sweetheart. 

News Flash!!! Izyy has been named the 13th Best TICA Sphynx kitten for 2007-08!!! Yippee!!!!


Izzy is now a Champion and just keeps getting better. She also won the honor of Second Best Blue/Tortie Sphynx of the 2008-09 year!!

Izzyy has given us some beautiful babies including CH Confetti.