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                                                                BALDFANTASEA BLUE DUDE IN DRAG  

"Blue Dude" is a gorgeous very light blue with a perfect white tuxedo. He has blue eyes to die for. Blue Dude is super bald and we think he will be an excellent addition to our breeding program. He was shown once this year and won several 2nd and 3rd place ribbons. We plan to show him more as he matures. He truly is our "dressed to kill" boy and he knows it. Like all our kids, he is a loving, sweet boy who loves to babysit  the young kittens.

"Blue Dude" has been retired and is now is his new forever home with Terri.

Below: Blue Dude at 10 days old with Mommy "CH Allie"

Below: Blue Dude at 9 months






Below:    Blue Dude at 12 weeks old


Below: Blue Dude at 9 months


                                                Below: Blue Dude at 12 weeks                        

Below: Blue Dude at 9 months